Meet Anderson Oliveira, the greatest collector of The Black Crowes in the world (and for this reason ended up working with the band itself)

My other bands collection on DiscoGS


I'm looking to buy/trade any CD, Poster, Vinyl, Cassette, 45,... that are not on this list.

Email me if you have something not listed here

THIS LIST IS NOT UP-TO-DATE. Still missing a few cd's, LP's, test pressings LP's


Here is a COMPLETE LIST (800+ items) of all my cd's/dvd's/lp's/cassette's/Blu Ray's etc... on DiscoGS

1990 UK promotional 'gaming set'

1990 promotional clock

CR - NEM promo postcards

Special promo box 100 units SIGNED by CR, RR and Steve

Taller newsletters

Some Rolling Papers

Some Books

Some Guitar Tab books

Some bandanas

Some promo photos

Some stickers

Some laminates, tickets, tour program, picks, VIP passes

Tour Itinerary 1991 Shake Your Money Maker GERMANY

Tour Itinerary 1999

Who Killed that Bird - Laser Disc

Complete Instant Live shows

Complete Live Black Crowes shows

Complete CRB shows


Ten Years Gone promo

Brazilian promo

She Talks To Angles Promo for Wiser for the Time

Blu Ray


Bootlegs - Silver pressed / CD's

japan promos

SHAMC Japanese Reissue

Japan Pittsburg 1998

Japan Sessions & Lost Track

Who Kill That Bird Japanese LD

Japan Tokyo 1992 - Zodiac

Warpaint japanese press release and cd

French Remedy promo cardsleeve

Mega rare japanese cd. Comes with 3 cd's. Part of the single Kicking My Heart Around

some promos/live/singles

Live promos

Lions promo - France

CRB signed and promo

CRB promo

CRB UK promo High Is Not The Top

CRB UK promo Behold the Seer

CRB Japan promo Barefoot

WB Promotional cd used to find a label and distributer

Magpie Salute UK promo

RR signed some UK releases and promo

Lions Israel, others Russian pressings


Big Toe and Foamfoot - Empress Valley CD.

Page Crowes Roseland Ballroom Bootleg - 10/12/1999.

Promo tape V2 - Live

Promo tape Page/Crowes

Uncle Albert UK Tape - Live

original tour merchandise that is NOT available online, including a set of signature Drum Sticks, signature Hohner Harmonica and a VIP pass from the show here in Los Angeles on the "Say Goodnight To The Band Guys" tour.

1990 In-Store promo items

original scarce 1992 Album Network "World Premiere Broadcast Special" double promo only picture CD set, featuring music, interviews & exclusive content, custom discs, no artwork issued.

long deleted super scarce Album Network double live CD Radio Show, recorded live from Houston Texas in December 1993, custom discs, no artwork issued.

3 Snakes and 1 Charm Premier Tape

Interview 05-92 Tape

Rich Robinson live and Instant Live Promo

RR Single

RR Music That Will Lift Me Promo UK

RR Promos

RR The Ceaseless Sight Test pressing

Some ILR Front cover

Remedy 12", Mexican By Your Side box promo, SHMC Book


Records - 45"

Records - 7"

live in virginia 2013 -7'- yelow marble vinyl

Australian She Talks to Angels

Mexican Jealous Again promo

Live New York 1990 Bootleg

Off The Record Specials with Mary Turner - Westwood One - 90/91?

The Black Crowes- Jealous Again- 12" Vinyl DEF American PRO-A-3869 Promo

Records - 12" ALL SIGNED

Picture Records - 12"

3 Snakes Box 7 records

Freak N Roll Into The Fog Vinyl Test Pressing - 3 Lp's

Freak N Roll Into The Fog Vinyl - 3 Lp's

Wiser for the Time Vinyl - 4 Lp's

Wiser for the Time Vinyl test pressing - 4 Lp's

Warpaint Test Pressing

Croweology Test Pressing

Lions Test Pressing

Rich Robinson Paper test pressing

Rich Robinson Woodstock test pressing

Warpaint Live Vinyl Test Pressing - 3 Lp's

Chris Robinson Brotherhood Betty's Blend

Betty's Blend Test Pressing - 4 Lp's

CRB The Magic Door Test Pressing

CRB Phosphorescent Harvest Test Pressing

Georgia's Finest In America's Playground: Atlantic City Broadcast 1990 Test Pressing

Some UK releases